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GatorGrip Bathtub Large Mat Pink/white GT2GYW

GatorGrip Bathtub Mat Pink/white

  • Kids love bath time with the Gator Grip bath tub mats. The soft surface of the mats make it safer for boys and girls to get in and out of their bathtubs. 42" x 16" fits most standard size bathtubs and the large size will cover more of the bath tub than the regular bath mats. Plus Gator Grip mats are Patent Pending and are made of polymer psuedo/rubber that is chemically resistant to mold and mildew. Easy to clean with any household cleaner even bleach. Just spray with cleaner and rinse off. No scrubbing, no machine washing required. The high tech polymer seals out water so you never have to clean underneath. No suction cups means no trapped water so mold can't start growing. Refinished bathtubs can use Gator Grip because it will not pull up the refinishing surface. Color: Pink/white
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