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Gator Grip bathtub mats were invented by a Mom:

The story of how No Slip Gatorgrip came to be . . .


When my oldest son turned 1, he wanted to run around in the bathtub, but I was afraid he would slip and fall and really get hurt.  I could not find a bathtub mat that wouldn’t float up or one that wouldn’t grow mold or mildew.


So one night while I was watching my son in the bathtub, I said to my husband, “I want to invent a better bath tub mat.” 


“Can’t you use your chemical engineering degree to come up with a soft foam rubber that will stick down to the bottom of the tub and make an adhesive that is safe for kids and won’t mold or mildew?"


"It needs to be easy to clean also."


So that's what we did! 


We tried it out on our son and he loved it!  And that was was when I knew we had to share this with the world! 


We also found that our friends, parents, and grandparents loved it in the bathtub too! 


We hope you enjoy Gatorgrip in the bathtub as much as we and our 4 kids do!




Patent Pending



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