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Frequently Asked Questions:


How does GatorGrip stick to my tub?


GatorGrip sticks down with a peel and stick adhesive (also know as PSA).  It is a waterproof peel and stick adhesive designed to seal out mold and mildew, so you never have to remove your GatorGrip bathtub mat.



How was GatorGrip invented?


GatorGrip was invented by a mom who was concerned with her children being safe in the bathtub.  Any mom will tell you that once toddlers can walk, they are very difficult to bathe in the tub because, they no longer want to sit down.  With help from her chemical engineer husband and 4 years of testing, GatorGrip was born.

Will GatorGrip work with my textured tub?


Yes.  GatorGrip has been designed to work with textured tubs.  Many tubs have such a bumpy texture, that suction cup bathtub mats will NOT stick to them.  GatorGrip is your best option if you have a texture bathtub because the peel and stick adhesive will stay in place for years.  GatorGrip has been designed to work will all types of tubs:  fiberglass, cast iron, acrylic, steel, porcelain, plastic, ABS, tile, etc.


How long does GatorGrip last?


We have customers tell us that they have used GatorGrip in their tub or shower for 10 years.  Our own testing has also shown GatorGrip to last up to 10 years.  Naturally, results will vary, but we honestly believe GatorGrip will last longer than any other bathtub mat you have ever tried.


What do I clean GatorGrip with?


Virtual any household cleaner, even bleach.  We recommend cleaning GatorGrip with a spray type bathroom cleaner such as Scrubbing Bubbles or Clorox spray cleaner.  Spray it on and hose it off.


How do I install GatorGrip?


Make sure the bottom of your tub is clean and absolutely dry.  Many bathtubs have a thin layer of white soap buildup on the bottom of the tub that is invisible to the naked eye.  This will prevent proper adhesive of your GatorGrip.  We recommend cleaning the bottom with Comet cleanser since it will remove any soap buildup.  Scratch the surface with your fingernail to ensure no soap residue is left behind.  Then dry the bottom of the tub with a paper towel. Next, remove the paper backing from GatorGrip to expose the peel and stick adhesive.  Carefully position the GatorGrip on the bottom of your tub and press down.  Then walk on the GatorGrip to ensure adhesion to the bottom of your tub.  GatorGrip is now ready for use.  For longer lasting use, let the GatorGrip sit overnight before exposing to water.


What is GatorGrip made from?


GatorGrip is made from a unique psuedopolymer rubber designed for long life.  The material is also latex free for sensitive skin.


Is GatorGrip only for kids?


GatorGrip was invented by a mom who was concerned about her young children being safe in the tub from slipping around.  It quickly spread to friends, family, and grandma.  Even pet lovers have found that GatorGrip is great for bathing dogs in the bathtub because their paws do not slide around.  Also, customers with mobility issues have told us this is the best product they have found to help them get in and out of the tub or shower.


Is GatorGrip removable?


Yes.  GatorGrip is designed to securely attach to the bottom of your tub, but can be removed.  Unlike suction cup design bathtub mats, there is no reason to remove GatorGrip to clean underneath.  Once it has been pulled up, we do not recommend that GatorGrip be re-attached to the bottom of your tub.  This will compromise the integrity of the peel and stick adhesive.


Are other colors available?


Yes.  There are a few custom colors available by special order.  The available colors frequently changes but typically includes:  pink/white, green/white, purple/white, purple/lime green, purple/torquoise, black/grey.

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Are custom sizes available?


Yes.  Please contact us with your needs.  We can custom cut 1 piece or 1,000 pieces.

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